Over 40 ways small businesses or groups could use your space

Self storage operators offer a level of commercial self storage for local businesses including archiving, office space, trade storage, online sellers and other workspaces as a matter of course and many of you have dedicated blogs or web pages to reach out to the would-be business self storage user. We started to wonder on a wider scale; exactly what type of businesses or groups are run from a humble self storage unit so did some research and came up with the well-known ones as well as some that are more obscure as well as adding a few of our own ideas!

So, in this blog, we’d like to share what we found, in the hope you might get a few ideas to expand your advertising and increase your inbound leads and hopefully, attract a few more business customers your way!


We’re sure new opportunities are always hiding out there and believe that there are many more potential business type users that still really don’t know the extent to which a self storage unit could be very useful to them, beyond the typical household storage uses; the would be start up entrepreneurs, club organisers, private groups or charities – all of whom don’t realise that they could drastically reduce their business rates and insurance by renting a self storage unit instead.

Some of you may have a surplus of smaller self store rooms to fill and some of you may have the larger ones in need of a terrific use, so we’ve listed our own ideas in terms of small (25-75 sq ft) and larger room uses (100-200 sq ft). Whilst some of these uses might not be suitable or desired for every facility, we are listing all those we found and hope they open a new avenue of ideas for generating some inbounds leads.


The ones we know…

• Online gift companies

• Professional e-bay sellers

• DIY & property maintenance companies

• Tradesmen tools & stock

• Trade counters

• Trade showrooms

• Landscape gardeners

• Joinery workshops

• Antique/vintage sellers

• Personal training gym

• Local retailer’s additional stock

• Local businesses/sales people sample stock storage

• Off-site archive storage

• Removals companies needing third party storage

• Courier depot


The more unusual ones…

• Kids mail order clothing

• Fashion designers & sellers

• Wheelchair restoration

• Prosthetic limb store

• Pigeon fanciers mail order supplies

• Music lessons Academy

• Band rehearsals

• Martial arts & boxing clubs

• Indoor climbing wall

• Photographic studio/ dark room

• Mobile phone/ laptop repair shop

• Art & music exhibitions/ workshops

• Kayak & canoe instructors store

• Amateur theatre group props

• Online pet supplies/ pet supplies shop

• Pharmaceutical supplies for sales people


Ones we thought of…

• Archery club

• Local club events

• Circuit training

• Pilates & yoga rooms

• Car maintenance repair shop

• Car/bike restoration

• Local club events

• Seasonal pop-up shops

• Jewellery workshop

• Cake making & decorating workshops

• Private self-catering supplies and preparation


The self storage unit has a lot to offer beyond the conventional uses we are all familiar with. We suspect the list is endless and hope that our blog has provided you with a taste for adventure in seeking out the more unique self storage user that doesn’t know yet what they need. So, if you are an existing operator or thinking about setting up your own facility we wish you happy hunting in your locality in the hidden market of sellers, storers, curators and creators!

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