Considerations When Moving Home

The time has come, you are moving to a new house. You are trying to choose the right self storage service for your belongings and to gain a secure place whilst you’re in the process of moving. The demand is very high on leasing storage space to home movers. The solution is ideal; self storage or self service storage allows you to bring your items to a storage unit under lock and key within a secure facility.

There are points to consider before you select a self-storage service to make sure they can cater for your storage needs.

Access and Security To Self Storage Units

One of the many points of self storage is to gain space for your goods when moving home. This service should only allow you, the owner, to access your goods.  In certain circumstances, you may point out access rights for staff members, some of which may be authorised to enter your storage unit.

The contract should also clearly state access hours to your storage unit: 24/7, business hours, weekend restrictions. Do you plan to make frequent visits to your storage units? Consider the expense and time consumed if the storage location is many miles away.

A secure environment offers a CCTV surveillance system 24/7, cameras will monitor your storage access points for visitor entry and exit.  Other services offer PIN access control only so access to your goods is restricted to yourself and any authorised staff.

The Storage Space Dimensions

You can choose from a selection of unit sizes to fit your needs. This level of flexibility suits home movers needing to relocate a small or large amount of furniture for example. The dimensions of your unit should be clear on your contract.

When given the spatial size, is the figure showing the storage amount by cubic feet or square feet? Ask about the height and give examples of your item sizes. You may not need a lot of high ceiling storage space so check to avoid paying for more space than needed.

Check the storage space comes with enough ventilation to prevent any moisture getting into your precious items. Check the unit with a staff member. Is the air fresh or stale?

Pricing and Insurance

The price will depend on the size required and also the length of time. There may be incentives and discounts available; look out for very affordable prices. Another cost is insurance and this varies from one storage service to another. For example, does the insurance cover fire, floods, and other disasters. Check the insurance is not extra and included in the price.

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