Are You A Remover And Storer Sitting On A Hidden Opportunity?


Self Storage Walling and Design

Over the years the self storage industry has helped many removals companies across the UK enhance their existing wooden containerised storage customer base by adding self-storage to their repertoire. Not so long ago this was an entirely new concept but there is something about self-storage that really works and meets the demands of modern day family life and small business.

Besides new self-storage start up’s, Removals and Storage companies have realised the potential they are sitting on. Fox Moving Group saw this opportunity in their warehouse set-up and after some research begun planning the self-storage design and installation of their facility to increase revenue and strengthen their storage portfolio. More recently Burke Brothers also decided that by adding a mezzanine floor and self-storage facilities; it enabled additional rental income opportunities too, maximising the space in the warehouse. Other add-ons like mailboxes, lockers and shelving have all added valuable rental income to such businesses.

The SSA 2016 Annual Survey in association with Cushman and Wakefield states “..occupancy growth indicates that demand is growing faster than the supply of new facilities…”


Are you sitting on a hidden opportunity? You may think the available space is not there right now, but your future business plan could tick the boxes in terms of your warehouse location, size and local demographics, to increase your storage customer type and revenue. Our customers large and small start with as little as 2,500sq ft in their first phase and use income generated from this to add a 2nd phase and so on.


Do you have partial warehouse space for a self-storage conversion? It’s autumn already and with Winter (and Christmas) fast approaching many people have a cluttered house and cluttered mind so a self-access, self-storage unit could be the solution to help them clean up, tidy up and store away seasonal items from the garden, summer hobbies or other household items that they want to move but not lose. Likewise, the spring and summer months bring winter equipment storage needs too along with the University student/traveller needing temporary storage. Then there’s the small business operator working from their self-storage unit sending mail-order items out or other small business types like tradesmen needing access to equipment regularly.


Are you a remover offering containerised storage Self Storage Containers & Installationwithin the realms of people moving home? Could you add self-storage units alongside your wooden containers to increase your customer type and warehouse storage income stream, perhaps during a period when the moving customers have gone a little quiet? Do you have partial warehouse space for a self-storage conversion? In experience, removals clients have converted as little as 2,500sqft to offer a more versatile storage service to a broader customer base. We can help you set up in self-storage with self-storage walls, partitions and doors and we can help you with self-storage design and construction through to security systems and offer plenty of setting up advice along the way. Self-storage design and construction is our speciality. If you have the roof space a mezzanine floor will give you additional self-storage units which can further increase your rental income per sq ft.

The SSA 2016 Annual Survey by Cushman and Wakefield said: “Average net rental rates have now reached the highest level seen over the last 10 years, increasing beyond the previous peak experienced in 2010.”

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