6 Things You Wouldn’t Expect to Find at a Self Storage Facility 

1. Music Studio

A stone’s throw from West London’s M4 lies a rather unconventional storage facility. The only one of its kind, Magenta Storage doubles up as a live music venue and recording studio. Equipped with 17 sound dampened units, a recording studio and a series of vocal booths, this self storage facility is always alive with the sound of music.

2. Dr. Who

From Pompeii during the Roman Empire to the lost city of Atlantis, Dr. Who has done and seen it all. His next destination? The inside of a storage unit!

That’s right, visit Smart Storage in the North West for the chance to meet the Wirral’s very own Dr. Who, Daniel Parr. Daniel, a huge fan of the ever-popular sci-fi show spent 3 weeks building a replica Tardis to raise money for children’s hospice, Clare House (as detailed in this article in The Chester Standard). In total, the pseudo-Dr. Who raised a whopping £650.

3. An F1 Race Track

Recreating iconic racetracks is no easy feat, but that is exactly what Guy Jessett, owner of Slot Track Scenics, does from his 125sq ft unit at Magenta Storage. Alongside his father, the scalextric-making duo create everything from small-scale tracks to large replicas of famous motor racing circuits. Among the pair’s most extravagant creations was a seven by four metre replica of the world famous Silverstone, a slot track which sold to a collector for thousands.

4. A Giant Breast

Each year 55,000 women and 390 men are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK (Breast Cancer Care). To help us get to know our breasts and eradicate late detection of the disease, breast cancer charity, CoppaFeel!, organises an annual event: Festifeel. This festival, now in its 8th year, requires a lot of props for demonstration, most notably, a giant breast. Where does this breast go when the festival is over? In self storage of course!

5. An Art Gallery

Earlier this year Attic Self Storage became the UK’s first bookable, interactive art gallery. What goes and what gets to stay? It’s up to you! Every piece of art at the Market Road Gallery is up for peer-review via a specially developed web-app.

Since its launch, the self storage gallery has hosted a series of professional artists including illustrator and graphic designer, Caio Beltrão, visual artist, Boxhead and fine artist, Paul Robinson. Could you be the gallery’s next addition? If you’re feeling creative, pack up your paintbrushes and head over to the site in London’s King’s Cross.

6. Fashionistas

Last year, around 10,000 new enterprises were launched from self storage containers in the UK. So many fledgling businesses are turning to self storage that up to 20% of all 605,000 storage units in the UK are now home to successful online retailers.

One such retailer is the Hippy Clothing Co who, despite only beginning trading earlier this year, is already on track to turnover £250,000 by year-end. From harem pants and swing dresses to sequined waistcoats, this burgeoning business helps people around the world get their eclectic festival fashion fix.

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