5 Great Ways to Market Self Storage In 2018

5 Great Ways to Market Self Storage In 2018

Many self storage companies have been amassing property to lease out empty space for storage, many show interest in being part of the movement, but some find the road to self storage marketing, very hard to manage due to a lack of knowledge within the subject.

For instance, what steps you can take to make sure your business stands out from others when potential customers are searching for specific services within your surrounding area?

How much time will you have to invest in advertising and marketing, and what is the cost?

We thought we’d outline 5 great ways to market self storage, whether you’re new to self storage or an existing owner on a budget.


1. Social Media

Find your audience, before you start focusing on a social platform, find out whether your target audience is on it. Use visuals, once you know where your target audience is, it’s time to grab their attention by using eye-catching visuals with the content you offer.

Images and videos play a big role in helping you grow your brand awareness on social media channels because they not only increase engagement but also boost social shares.


2. Run Promotions

Your potential & existing customers are your businesses lifeline, treat them how you would want to be treated as a consumer. Running regular promotions for existing & new customers will help to keep them involved with your brand and let customers know that you have customer relations somewhat at the top of your agenda, setting you aside from your competitors. Offering a month’s free storage or offer it at a reduced rate for a period, is one of the best ways to keep their attention and loyalty.


3. Reach Out to Local Movers

It’s no secret that the moving industry and the storage industry converge in several areas. Having one of your employees reach out to the local companies in the area to build a rapport with them, is without a doubt a great idea. For example, long-distance movers need to store their belongings until they’re ready to travel across the country, offer them incentives to use your storage facility instead of competitors.


4. Make Upgrades as Your Business Grows

Self storage companies tend to have a lot of property on their grounds and as the industry grows and changes, your brand must follow suit and change with it. For example, if your storage facility is external, investigate following the advances of modern technology, cost providing, an investment into an advanced security system or even a perimeter fence to keep intruders from venturing in the property. If you offer the services people are looking for, people will want to use your services over anyone else, especially if you’re located in a convenient location. When space internally becomes full to capacity, look at growing by investing in drive up external units or additions to, or, a new mezzanine steel structure.


5. Partnering with Affiliates

Creating affiliate relationships with Real-Estate Agents, Property Managers and other members of industries that frequent self storage is always good for a number of leads per year, however, compensate them for their referrals and loyalty to build an even stronger business relationship.

All-in-all there are undoubtedly copious amounts of ways to build an even bigger customer base. It is up to you, ‘the brand’ to do the research and evaluate different strategies through trial and error. If you’re going to take the leap and invest in marketing your business, set aside a budget and an amount of time prior to doing so. Test the waters first see if it’s successful then gauge whether it’s worth doing on a continual basis. Once you find a process that works, allocate a percentage of the budget towards that one process, then use some of the rest to try some other new things. Be frugal until you know it works.

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